Branding Consultation

When you’re concerned about the return on your marketing investment, panicked by all the media choices and frustrated with your current marketing efforts, call us for a complimentary branding consultation.

What is a brand?

Your brand is your most valuable asset. Your logo may be the visual reminder, but your brand is really the feeling that visual inspires, the beliefs and expectations consumers hold about your services and products. Your brand tells consumers who are are, what you do and what makes you special. It encompasses not just the products and services you provide, but your reputation, your values and what your company stands for. Your brand defines your company.

Before we arrive at your office for your branding consultation, we’ll look over your website and your social media. We’ll analyze your Google search results and internet presence. When we meet, we may ask about your history, your target demographics and past marketing efforts and results.

We’ll deliver a report that summarizes which existing marketing messages and media are telling your story successfully – the ones that are helping to refine, build and strengthen your brand. We’ll also give you an outline explaining what you can do to improve, discard or change messages and media that aren’t in line or that compromise your brand.

Just like you, we want your marketing to help build a positive, successful and reputable brand that tells your story, encourages consumer loyalty and sells value.

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