Sexist, Creepy and Just Plain Wrong

Do the new “marionette” Direct TV commercials give you the heebie jeebies?

There are currently three to be uncomfortably confused by – Wife meeting an unaware guest (really? you don’t mention your wife is a puppet?), Son flying from a ceiling fan(are wires a dominant gene?) and, the most disturbing of all, Wife disrobing and attempting an awkward sexual dance.

It’s difficult to know where to begin with all that’s just wrong with this campaign.

As this is positioned as reality, (otherwise that stunned friend would accept those wires as truly “not weird”), there are some disturbing unanswered questions. Where did this guy find this woman? Where do these wires go? Who is controlling them?

Frankly, the conclusion drawn is that Husband is a modern Frankenstein who concocted his very own … ahem… “companion” animated to his requirements and then proceeded to procreate a son, also to his manipulative specifications.

Husband is a creep, through and through.

That pathetic, sexist and creepy seduction in the “Am I Pretty?” ad takes the women’s movement back by about 60 years. The overall implication of this campaign, that women are puppets, – kinda sweet, kinda stupid, kinda willing to swallow whatever baloney Husband spews and keep coming back for more – is exactly the stereotype women have been fighting for decades. And now it’s made absolutely real; this woman is really and truly a puppet! And an ideal one, as she serves and services unquestioningly.

On a more tangental note – How does she get that robe off when there are wires running through it?

Husband’s conversation with Son reminds me of the novel “Room.” How did they reproduce this kid? How (again) stupid is this kid? Does he have any life outside of the house? No one has ever pointed out his wires are unusual? WHO IS CONTROLLING THESE WIRES? 

Is that really the first time he got caught in the ceiling fan?

And the worst wrongness of all – I had to look up the offering company because the massive amount of weirdness stuck in my brain and not the actual brand.

Remember – if your audience remembers your “singing monkeys” but doesn’t remember YOU, you’ve just wasted your money.

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