We Know Direct Mail Like Arborist Knows Ash From A Hole In The Ground

Ed Ritzema was really bummed about the lack of response in his direct mail efforts. He spent alot of money, mailed to alot of people and just didn’t see the return on his investment. He is passionate about saving ash trees from the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), now gaining ground faster and faster in the south and southwest suburbs. “People need to understand that I can save that heritage tree in their yard. The injections are cheaper and you get to KEEP YOUR TREE.”


Having lost two of my trees to this voracious invader before we could take steps to save them and feeling that pain, I couldn’t understand why people weren’t responding to his offering.

Then he showed me the card he was mailing.


The card was a hot mess of everything that Ed, a certified arborist, could possibly provide – including lawn care! Everything was just about the same size. There were multiple promotions and discounts offered. Recipients were completely confused about what this company did, why they should call and how 4 Seasons could help.

But the biggest barrier? Most people don’t know types of trees are planted on their lot!

So we created a mailer that zeroed in with laser-focus on Ed’s biggest mission – saving those white and green ash trees. The call to action is simple – Ed will identify every tree in your yard for free, no strings attached. There is information about the Ash Borer’s size, hole shape and symptoms, but the overriding push is that you can’t save a tree if you don’t even know what it is.

With Ed’s assistance with identifying about 10,000 homes in neighborhoods known to have EAB, we mailed even more cheaply than EveryDoorDirect by using postal route discounts. (Our mailing house ROCKS).

Ed’s phone started ringing and he’s now meeting new customers and saving their trees! Even better? Even if responders don’t have an ash tree, Ed has personally introduced himself, he’s now their expert resource. That homeowner now has a trusted arborist, one they can turn to for pruning, for emergency services – even for lawn care.

Interested in direct mail or other forms of response-driven advertising but oh so wary? Give us a call at 708-614-9766 or send us an email. We can help.

I personally recommend Ed because he’s worked on my trees.  I think of him as an Ent because he is indeed a Keeper of the Trees, deep in his heart. If you suspect you have the EAB, or just want to get to know your trees a little better, call Ed Ritzema at 708-371-5439 for a free tree identification!

Sometimes, It’s Best To Let The Client Do The Talking


“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for helping make our 2013 tax season a success. I was hesitant to implement another postcard campaign because I attempted one in 2010 which was not very successful. I did not like the postcard the company created…it was a little cheesy for the type of clients I wanted to attract.

However, the postcard you created has helped our firm create a professional image and attract higher quality tax clients. Everyone that came in with the postcard liked it. Majority of my new clients this tax season were a result of the postcard mailing.

I am considering another campaign this summer to promote financial planning and proactive tax planning. Thanks again for your assistance, it is much appreciated.”


While we stop blushing, you think about your next marketing outreach program. We can help!

Anyone you know looking for a unique image within corporate requirements? We provide design, advertising or marketing that fits that brand.

If you need accounting, tax planning or financial services, visit rkctaxcpa.com. We promise she’s as professional and accomplished as she is complimentary.

XperiaPT offers “mom and pop” physical therapy clinics a way to compete with the Big Guys.

Neel Patel knows first-hand the problems small physical therapy practices are encountering. With reimbursements cut, visits denied and paperwork increased, it’s almost impossible to keep ahead of fixed costs. Add to that aggressive, non-stop marketing from bigger chains, and the family-owned practices could be looking at the beginning of the end. 

Neel came up with a fantastic idea – a marketing “consortium” if you will, with the power of numbers behind the family-owned practices. By pooling funds and buying power, sponsorships become accessible, advertising becomes affordable and overhead is drastically reduced. Now how to sell it?

Neel came to us to design a media kit to mail to all single location physical therapy clinics in the greater Chicagoland area. We designed a piece that pops in the mailbox, with a gatefold to entice readers. After that first piece mailed, we tweaked things a bit, switched it up, to create a slightly different message to catch readers for the second mailing. We even designed a business card to match.