Victoria’s Secret, We’ve Got A Better Idea

Have you ever visited a Victoria’s Secret store? I did, right after Christmas and the whole place was bristling with women, women, and more women. Nary a man in sight, and the place was absolutely packed, lines snaking outside the dressing rooms and more lines winding from the front of the store to the cash registers. It’s women who purchase from Victoria’s Secret.

Their Super Bowl commercial had strong romantic overtones with an international flair, a sultry voice singing “I’m In The Mood For Love”. However, this spot was targeted to men, reeking of casual sex with multiple partners, maybe even with cash exchanging hands.

The message for women – their actual buyers – was, “you are not as valuable as all this lushness.” Ick.

Who walks down a public street in their underwear and a leather jacket? Perhaps the fantasies of 14-year-old boys, but not real women.

Victoria’s Secret, we’ve got a much better idea that will appeal to your actual buyer much more effectively and still uses that wonderful voice singing “I’m In The Mood For Love”. Consider this:

Camera opens on Grandma picking up the kids, no music in the background, but lots of “good bye, have a good weekend, love you” surrounded by hustle, bustle and car doors slamming. The front door closes, the camera zooms to Mom face, the music begins and her expression turns to sultry Wife. She tastes a sauce simmering on the stove, sets the table with china and candles, takes a bubble bath and does her hair and makeup. As she picks up the Victoria’s Secret bag, still wrapped in her robe, there is a shot of a car pulling into the driveway and garage. Back to Wife’s face over bag, with a knowing, sexy smile. Fade out.

It’s a much more effective message, aimed at their real buyers. It’s also much less offensive to mothers of young girls who are concerned that sexualized advertising is making their daughters obsessed with body image and that their worth is tied to how men perceive them as sexual partners (It’s my soap box, I know, but advertisers do have social and moral responsibilities, no matter what they believe).

Tell me what you think about this idea – or tell me your better one!

Marketing to women should tell a story to bond the audience, show clear benefits and present the message concisely. And when you use techniques that attract women, you’ll attract more men too.

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