Justin just doesn’t get it.

Justin, ya big dope.

If you’ve ever been to “You Need A Brand, Not Just A Logo,” presented by yours truly, you know the story I’m about to tell…and you’ll understand why Bieber really blew it.
The Chicago Blackhawks have one of the all-time best logos. Behind that logo, that graphic symbol, they have one of the all-time best brands. The Blackhawks logo – their brand – actually makes people change their behavior. In the locker room, players walk around that big head on the floor. Reporters walk around it too. No one steps on the logo. No one disrespects that brand.
Is this passion, this commitment, this brand loyalty, exclusive to the inner Blackhawks circle? Most certainly not.
When my son was in high school, his room, most of the time, looked like an explosion in an underwear factory. Socks, t-shirts, jeans, pull-overs all partied with sneakers and lacrosse uniforms in infinite, boy-smell-soaked tangles. Often, it was like a B-movie set of a cartoonishly messy boy’s room; all that was missing was the pizza box under the bed (we drew the line at food in bedrooms).
However, there were some things that were taken care of in this room. Pristinely. Finely. Like a museum archive.
Anything with that Blackhawks logo was maintained with love and respect. T-shirts were folded. Jerseys were on hangers. Sweatpants were stored neatly. Hats were placed on the closet shelves. Socks were even folded! This otherwise absolute slob would not allow anything with the Blackhawks logo or team name to touch the floor, to be dirty, to be sullied in any way. I was even compelled to remove a microscopic pinpoint of spaghetti sauce from a jersey once, as he hovered over me to make sure the colors didn’t bleed. This child lived and breathed the Blackhawks brand.
That is the power of the Blackhawks brand – that it can change the behavior of a messy, unorganized, sloppy 14-year-old.
Now, if only Hanes or Fruit of the Loom could develop a brand like that, his room would be spotless*.
So how do you get a brand like that? There are three main keys:
1 – Protect your brand.

Get it trademarked, patented or copywrite protected. (Call Nancy DuCharme to make this happen!)
2 – Honor your brand. 
Be responsible, ethical and trustworthy in all facets of your business.
3 – Treat your brand as an investment.
Advertising and marketing is vital to the strength of this, your most valuable asset. Investing in your brand results in long-term cost savings because it effectively communicates your story. Make sure your marketing materials are up-to-date, attractive, accurate and engaging!
*Today, the son’s room is spotless, because he is new graduate of Loyola University and living in Chicago, as close to those Blackhawks as he can possibly get.