Just for Fun – Great Design Thrills Me!

My neighbor emailed me these the other day and my first thought was “oh, yeah, the old FedEx hidden arrow.” Then I took a closer look and – WOW!
Go to your pantry, pull out that bag of Tostitos and notice the two people sharing a bowl of salsa and chips – And that was just the beginning of the excitement!
Yes, I know this is heading dangerously into “geek” territory, but great design is always eye-opening, refreshing and gives me an even greater respect for human creativity.
My favorite is the Le Tour de France, which I had never before registered. The “O” in Tour is the back wheel, the “R” the rider and that wonderful yellow dot the front wheel. AMAZING!!
Amazon provides everything, from A to Z and makes you smile!
There is a hidden kiss inside the word “Kisses” – how delicious. Also yummy is how that “31” is hidden inside the BR for Baskin Robbins.
Toblerone, from Berne (Bear) Switzerland, features – what else? – a bear in the shadows of the Matterhorn.
The Pittsburgh Zoo logo, with a gorilla and lioness silhouetted in the tree also wows me.
Goodwill’s smiling face is also a lower case “g.”
And that baseball logo? The Milwaukee Brewers, with a glove formed from an “m” and a “b.”
Truly great design is all around us, each and every day. All we need do ┬áis open our eyes to understand how it effects our lives, makes the world a more clever, more sophisticated place. The designers of these logos didn’t just put pen to paper (or mouse to screen, as it were) and throw anything down. They thought, they planned, they designed. They drew rough drafts, discarded countless options, until they arrived at a near-perfect (in some cases, absolutely perfect) solution. No, these aren’t the only solutions. But they surely are great ones.