Marketing Healthcare Organizations During Covid-19 and Beyond

The time is now. The question is how? Many health care providers have been closed since the middle of March. For 10 long weeks, providers have been trying to serve patients as best as possible, with specialists being especially stymied by elective procedure and social distancing restrictions.  Now, as Illinois begins loosening restrictions, medical professionals […]

Marketing Materials For A Urology Practice. Finally.

Sometimes, reality sets recommended procedures on its ears. The urology practice of Drs. Uppuluri, Patel and Chavin has been successful and well-recommended for many years, yet they didn’t have a logo, a slogan, a website or even a name, generally the first things a business is tasked with creating. For a long time, that worked. Now, it was changing. Recommended […]

Stop. Because I'm Crying Again.

Oh my goodness. What a twist, what a change of heart, what a positive message after all! I truly hope that you were able to experience this commercial, a true-meaning-of-Christmas gift from Apple. A teenager, seemingly glued to his phone, seemingly bored out of his mind by this family Christmas gathering, is in fact creating a […]

Please. Make It Stop.

  If you’ve watched any television this holiday season, you’ve been subjected to this commercial, or some version of it. And odds are, you’ve cringed. Social media is atwitter (get it?) with “I’ll never buy a Honda” and “Honda, these are the most annoying commercials ever” and “I was thinking about buying a Honda but that […]

It's All About Finding The Right People

Dr. Asad Zaman and Zmedi were referred to us when they were adding a new physician to their staff, Dr. Georgios Karanastasis. Dr. K is from Greece and is fluent in the language (besides, of course, being an outstanding physician). Zmedi was hoping to promote Dr. K to the Chicago Southland’s Greek population, but was […]

Getting Enthusiasm Down On Paper

Reenu Varghase, NP-C is a bundle of intelligence, energy, smiles and professionalism. Speaking with her just brightens your day and makes you want to smile yourself – and be a part of her passion. Reenu is the founder of Zmedi’s House Calls, about which her enthusiasm in boundless; an outstanding medical professional who really and […]

We Know Direct Mail Like Arborist Knows Ash From A Hole In The Ground

Ed Ritzema was really bummed about the lack of response in his direct mail efforts. He spent alot of money, mailed to alot of people and just didn’t see the return on his investment. He is passionate about saving ash trees from the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), now gaining ground faster and faster in the […]

Mission Accomplished!

Gardening Book Is Combination of Eye-Popping Photography, Instructive How-To and Poetic Observation Result of year-long project is love letter to nature, family and growing things   Most year-long experiments are extraordinary sacrifices of inconvenience and toil – living biblically, eating locally or cooking an entirely new recipe every day. Rebecca Palumbo did something that one […]