Ms. Palumbo has presented to, among others:
Business & Career Institute – South Suburban College
Calumet Area Industrial Commission
Dryer Vent Wizard Conference
Illinois Continuity of Care
Illinois Society for Healthcare Marketing & Public Relations
Lockport Rotary
Manufacturing Conference – South Suburban College
Moraine Valley Community College Business Development
Smart Women, Smart Money – Illinois State Treasurer’s Office
Saint Francis University
Tinley Park Kiwanis
Tinley Park/Frankfort Rotary
Tinley Park Public Library
Women’s Empowerment Event 
Womens Conference – South Suburban College
Chambers of Commerce including Alsip, Bradley Bourbonnais, Mokena, New Lenox, Orland Park, Park Ridge, Tinley Park 


Sex Matters: Marketing to Women

Sending the correct message to women should be a key component to your marketing strategy, no matter what you’re selling, as women make or influence the vast majority of buying decisions. Discover simple changes to make your advertising and marketing resonate with the softer sex – and learn the secret of what making those changes will do.

“Sex Matters” Webinar
Click Here to hear our Webinar for ISHMPR


3 Keys To Marketing Success

Successful marketing and advertising hinges on three vital elements. Focused consideration and implementation of those elements will determine whether a campaign is a rousing success or dismal failure. Participants will learn how to substantially improve return on marketing investments by more efficiently attracting new clients and customers.

Rebecca is a great presenter and is able to relate to her audience in such a great way! I would recommend her to anyone trying to reach out to members or employees… great feedback from my members!

President/CEO at Bradley-Bourbonnais Regional Chamber of Commerce

8 Ways To Turn Your Marketing Gamble Into A Sure Thing 

This 90-minute presentation is a thorough, detailed discussion about branding, strategy and marketing plans, media choices, and creative. Participants will be treated to a very well-rounded marketing education to gain a distinct edge over their competition.


A Strong Brand Is Your Best Business Partner

Your brand is the most valuable asset you own. Learn what makes an effective brand, why consumers become brand loyalists, how to turn your commodity into a brand and how thinking in terms of your brand is the most effective selling tool you have.


7 Ways To Give Your Healthcare Marketing A Shot in the Arm

Healthcare is a unique and entirely different challenge in marketing. It’s not about selling a product or service. It’s about establishing trust, promoting skills, philosophies and values to the most intimate aspects of your audience’s lives. Find out how to overcome the challenges and craft an attractive message that is clear, on-point and compelling.


Coke, Nike, Apple and You

Brands aren’t just for corporations anymore. Realize the power of your own personal brand! Your personal brand makes a statement before you shake a single hand or utter a word. Learn how you can make your brand work for you, both in business and your personal life.


How Blogging About Blooms Made Me A Better Business Blogger

On March 21, 2010, Rebecca Palumbo became a real blogger. Over the course of one year, she wrote and photoillustrated 216 blog entries for A Year In The Garden: Explosive Sex, Violent Death and Incredible Beauty in One Suburban Backyard. She learned how to make a blog stand out among the crowd and attract readers. Now, she explains how to apply these techniques for success. When accomplished correctly, blogging will help build your brand, build your business and increase your revenue.


24/7 Networking: Get LinkedIn

Social media is the fastest-growing networking, sales and marketing tool available today. Unlock the power of your profile, control your connections, gear up with groups and dive into discussions in this seminar to help you take full advantage of, the biggest, longest-lasting professional “networking event” available today.

“Thanks for the wonderful presentation you gave last night! It’s the first talk on LinkedIn that has actually motivated me to try it. All the previous talks I’ve been to about LinkedIn have gotten all caught up in the details and mechanics. You focused on how to make LinkedIn work for us, the audience. You presented a small number of very clear points, and illustrated them well. 

I also liked your key point that we should not connect with someone unless we know and trust them! I also appreciate the insightful responses you gave to my personal questions!

Amy J. B., LSW


Do You Have What It Takes?

Warning: Alternative career paths are not for everyone! Those who envy business owners and high-level telecommuters are often caught up in an unrealistic fantasy of being their own boss and working their own hours. This 45-minute presentation will take participants through the eleven key factors to success through real-life experiences, feedback and advice from seven people who have taken the leap.

 Great use of simple slides and interesting points…Rebecca used a great technique of introducing us to 5-8 people and tracked them throughout the presentation with great quotes….Beautiful, a real step-to-step process

2014 Get Moving Women’s Conference participants

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