Just Hand It Over And We'll Handle It All

You don’t have to start all over again to start all over again. Dr. Kidanu Birhanu is a physician with decades of experience, with multiple fellowships, certificates and recognitions achieved (including one of USA Today’s Top Doctors in 2011). In shifting his practice to concentrate on weight loss, anti-aging and sexual health in both women […]

Sometimes, It's Best To Let The Client Do The Talking

  “I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for helping make our 2013 tax season a success. I was hesitant to implement another postcard campaign because I attempted one in 2010 which was not very successful. I did not like the postcard the company created…it was a little cheesy […]

Yes, Virginia, hot dogs do make dreams come true.

Some people dream of flying. Some dream of the Blackhawks winning another Stanley Cup. Some people dream of going to work in their underwear. John Poulos dreamt of owning his own restaurant. A friendly little place, serving delicious hot sandwiches, ice cold soft drinks and, of course, Chicago-style hot dogs. John had the location, he had […]

Tide: Merely in Step With the Times, or Waaaaaay Ahead?   The other day, my husband, relaxing after a hard day’s work with his newspaper and pipe, pulled me out of the kitchen where I was preparing his meat and potatoes while wearing a dress, high heels and a string of pearls and asked me to watch a commercial. (Can you find all that’s […]

A perfect location deserves a "perfect" advertising campaign.

As my advertising hero Don Draper likes to ask, “What’s the benefit?” In my own marketing philosophy, I always add, “What makes the product unique?” Sometimes, in marketing a town or a region to attract tourism dollars (“heads in beds” or “feets in sheets”), the tendency is to emphasize benefits that are very commonplace. You see hundreds of the […]

Chicago Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery gets a new updated look, keeping the (excellent) brand.

Waaaayyy back in 2009, we designed a (beautiful and effective) logo, business card, brochure and bio card for Dr. Gregory Primus, who was founding Chicago Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery in Tinley Park. Logo design is always an interesting journey and Dr. Primus was so smart about it, we actually wrote an article […]

Giving The Unforgettable Chef an unforgettable brand

The clients of Chef Tom Grotovsky think he is Unforgettable. He arrives in your home with menu planned and food, utensils and equipment all in hand. He prepares the food, creates a tablescape for you and your guests, simmers, sears and sautes. The gastronomic delight is elegantly served and paired with wine. You enjoy a […]

How about that Superbowl…advertising?

The Ravens upset the 49ers, squares paid and hundreds of thousands of chicken wings were consumed (along with quantities of my cousin Barb’s Mystery Salad – oh, yum). The Showgirls won the Chase for Coke, marvelously integrating internet media and building web hits. Watching the Badlands get sabotaged by a chicken crossing the road was not […]

XperiaPT offers "mom and pop" physical therapy clinics a way to compete with the Big Guys.

Neel Patel knows first-hand the problems small physical therapy practices are encountering. With reimbursements cut, visits denied and paperwork increased, it’s almost impossible to keep ahead of fixed costs. Add to that aggressive, non-stop marketing from bigger chains, and the family-owned practices could be looking at the beginning of the end.  Neel came up with […]

Snakes, Harleys, Aerialists and Natural Lighting

The Tinley Park Convention Center recently completed a MASSIVE expansion, giving them the opportunity to attract larger, more populated shows. The expansion nearly doubled their floor space and the Center was fortunate to see positive, glowing press and wanted to continue that buzz.  Over the course of three months, we wrote a series of six press […]