“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for helping make our 2013 tax season a success. I was hesitant to implement another postcard campaign because I attempted one in 2010 which was not very successful. I did not like the postcard the company created…it was a little cheesy for the type of clients I wanted to attract.
However, the postcard you created has helped our firm create a professional image and attract higher quality tax clients. Everyone that came in with the postcard liked it. Majority of my new clients this tax season were a result of the postcard mailing.
I am considering another campaign this summer to promote financial planning and proactive tax planning. Thanks again for your assistance, it is much appreciated.”
While we stop blushing, you think about your next marketing outreach program. We can help!
Anyone you know looking for a unique image within corporate requirements? We provide design, advertising or marketing that fits that brand.
If you need accounting, tax planning or financial services, visit rkctaxcpa.com. We promise she’s as professional and accomplished as she is complimentary.