The Tinley Park Convention Center recently completed a MASSIVE expansion, giving them the opportunity to attract larger, more populated shows. The expansion nearly doubled their floor space and the Center was fortunate to see positive, glowing press and wanted to continue that buzz. 
Over the course of three months, we wrote a series of six press releases, explaining how different features of the Convention Center and the surrounding area benefited their shows and visitors. We talked about the natural lighting, the higher-than-usual ceilings, the fully carpeted exhibit areas. We promoted the Center’s handling of the Reptile shows, the Corvette Convention and Harley-Davidson event. The Center’s unique and advantageous location and free parking were explored. The Village of Tinley Park’s attractions were explained.
The releases were distributed through a wire service and we saw terrific results. To date, the Convention Center releases have had over 9,000 hits and reposts, with hundreds of click-thrus. Our article about the June Illinois Republican Convention at the Convention Center was even picked up and posted onto that party’s site (SCORE!).
Click here to see the full releases.