XperiaPT offers "mom and pop" physical therapy clinics a way to compete with the Big Guys.

Neel Patel knows first-hand the problems small physical therapy practices are encountering. With reimbursements cut, visits denied and paperwork increased, it’s almost impossible to keep ahead of fixed costs. Add to that aggressive, non-stop marketing from bigger chains, and the family-owned practices could be looking at the beginning of the end. 
Neel came up with a fantastic idea – a marketing “consortium” if you will, with the power of numbers behind the family-owned practices. By pooling funds and buying power, sponsorships become accessible, advertising becomes affordable and overhead is drastically reduced. Now how to sell it?
Neel came to us to design a media kit to mail to all single location physical therapy clinics in the greater Chicagoland area. We designed a piece that pops in the mailbox, with a gatefold to entice readers. After that first piece mailed, we tweaked things a bit, switched it up, to create a slightly different message to catch readers for the second mailing. We even designed a business card to match.