Fireworks, Bands, Food & Summer Fun. All in one brochure.

Orland Hills has been using our design services for several years, both for their annual summer fest and their recreation catalogs. This year, Orland Hills named the fest “Party in the Park” and asked for a more mature design, something to attract adults to the bands, the food and the fireworks, while retaining a sense […]

Seminars WORK to attract new patients. And clients and customers.

TRU Rehabilitation and Wellness is located in Glenview, Bloomingdale and Arlington Heights. The family-owned healthcare organization is very committed to improving the health of those they treat and TRUly (get it?) hope that their patients are short-term – because they get better. Because of this, they need to always cultivate new patients. But they were […]

Re-shoring is a Real Thing for Great Lakes Mechanical Services, Inc.

Great Lakes Mechanical Services, Inc. was founded by Gary Lombardi, a man who “can look at a machine, figure out how it works, fix it, and get it work even better.” Gary is devoted to doing the job right the first time and to helping America retain and bring back quality blue collar jobs. Great […]

Just for Fun – Great Design Thrills Me!

  My neighbor emailed me these the other day and my first thought was “oh, yeah, the old FedEx hidden arrow.” Then I took a closer look and – WOW! Go to your pantry, pull out that bag of Tostitos and notice the two people sharing a bowl of salsa and chips – And that […]

Pennies Saved Means Dollars – and Message – Wasted

My husband works for a huge company – one of the largest corporations not just in Chicago, but globally. You would think that such a company would be extremely smart about their branding, both internal and external. You would think that they would spend exactly what should be spent – not a penny more or […]

State Farm, They're ALMOST Perfect

What a wonderful commercial! “I could’ve got a falcon…” is fast becoming the “Where’s the beef?” of modern times. Clever and refreshing, showing the direct benefits of switching to State Farm – you save money and therefore can buy things you normally wouldn’t. The actors are approachable, the message is clear, the agent hits just […]

Benefit versus Spin

Driving down the expressway, a new billboard caught my eye, as new billboards always do. Good advertising or design makes me smile and great creative makes me positively giddy. I was not giddy about this one. This billboard showed a plastic water bottle rising out of leaves, like a corn cob from the husks. The […]

Does SEO Really Matter To You?

Earlier this week, I met with one of my long-time clients. We designed their website, oh, probably a decade ago, and it needs now to be updated, made more contemporary – freshened up. “Dave” mentioned his concern about their Google results. “When you search a partner’s name,” he said, “we come right up, there on […]

A Truly Unconstitutional “Plan”

In your home, there sits a television that can receive literally thousands of channels. It was designed to get those channels. You purchased it at a store, be it big box or small electronics boutique. You brought it home, unpacked it and plugged it in. Then you made a choice. You chose to use an […]