State Farm, They're ALMOST Perfect

What a wonderful commercial! “I could’ve got a falcon…” is fast becoming the “Where’s the beef?” of modern times.
Clever and refreshing, showing the direct benefits of switching to State Farm – you save money and therefore can buy things you normally wouldn’t.
The actors are approachable, the message is clear, the agent hits just the right tone. The parade of absurd purchases marches down the sidewalk, with a fresh surprise in each shot – fish, juke boxes, parrots and mooseheads. It’s a visual joy within the cerebral dialogue. So, with all these pluses, what am I complaining about?
Well, a decidedly unscientific survey among college men reveals that, while they love the commercial in general and quote the falcon line regularly, they take a wee bit of offense.
“Why couldn’t at least one of those doofuses have been a woman?” laments Nic, a 20-year-old junior at ISU. Eddie, a freshman at ISU, agrees. “I’m not sure why a woman, dressed in the same medieval gowns, wearing a huge hat and carrying a sword, wasn’t used.” As we sat on the ISU Quad and watched both sexes LARPing (live action role play) with rubber weapons and long skirts, I had to concur.
Clever, oh so clever! Clearly communicating the benefits – and then a fumble in the end game. By substituting just a few of these passersby with women, our male sex would feel a little less put upon – and the commercial would be absolutely perfect.