Marketing Materials For A Urology Practice. Finally.

Sometimes, reality sets recommended procedures on its ears. The urology practice of Drs. Uppuluri, Patel and Chavin has been successful and well-recommended for many years, yet they didn’t have a logo, a slogan, a website or even a name, generally the first things a business is tasked with creating.

For a long time, that worked. Now, it was changing.

Recommended to us by a local hospital’s Medical Staff Development Director, Dr. Chavin laid out the problem. Prospective patients, he knew, are now doing more and more research on the web before scheduling any procedures, making any appointments, or even choosing a physician. Even when a primary care doctor recommends a specialist, patients are checking them out thoroughly before making a phone call. Patients want to see their doctors’ faces before meeting them. They want to read CVs. They want to know that the physician they are selecting really knows his or her stuff – and they want to feel a bond before they ever shake hands. Dr. Chavin knew that, even considering the practice’s stellar reputation, in this fast-changing digital world, they had to get out there – and fast.

Smart man.

As there were no existing marketing materials, we asked alot of questions about the philosophy of the practice, the style of the physicians, their specialities, their reputations, their attitudes about patient care and their goals for their patients – and for the practice. We read through CVs. We investigated online reviews of each doctor. We talked about preferences in colors, styles and themes.

The doctors selected the name Chicago South Suburban Urology and we went to town. First, we designed and presented a variety of logo directions, then began to refine, redesign and then arrived at the logo you see above, a stylized illustration of exactly what concerns a urologist. Simple and clear, in a clean blue that can be used digitally, in print, on lab coats and office uniforms and on promotional products. We also wrote their slogan, which truly exemplifies CSSU’s philosophy.

We designed and wrote the website; again simple, clear and very easy to navigate. It’s chock-full of information already, with more to come as we continue. We researched and investigated all things urology to write the copy, with the doctors giving us input and edits as necessary.

Now, a web search helps locate the entire practice quickly. Patients can use the website as a resource for all their urological challenges and they can become better acquainted with all medical professionals right online.

CSSU is a perfect example of how a successful business needs to continuously evolve to stay successful. Together, we took a well-regarded but very traditional practice and brought it into modern times.

Yes, Virginia, hot dogs do make dreams come true.

Some people dream of flying. Some dream of the Blackhawks winning another Stanley Cup. Some people dream of going to work in their underwear.

John Poulos dreamt of owning his own restaurant. A friendly little place, serving delicious hot sandwiches, ice cold soft drinks and, of course, Chicago-style hot dogs. John had the location, he had the plan, he had the recipes. He needed a logo.

He needed us.

He had a sketch, a concept of a smiling hot dog in a bun. We put our talents to work and designed the dog at just the right angle and weight, cooked up some in the office to get the color just right and began the face. We gave John a choice of eye styles, smiles, noses (with or without) and legs (with or without there too). We worked on getting the placement and treatment of the condiments exactly so (the mustard squiggle was a challenge, but we finally nailed it). We included several font choices – something easy to read yet a little unique, fun but not outright goofy.

After several rounds and lots of “Mr. Potato Head”-type rotations, John was perfectly pleased. The logo lights up his restaurant, decorates magnets and wallpapers his website. (We designed his menu board too).

Uninspired by your current marketing materials? Give us a call at 708-614-9766 or reply to this email. We can help.

Thank you to Denise Elser, who referred us to John and Yanni’s Dogs! Anyone you know making their dreams come true with a business of their own and requiring design, advertising or marketing savvy? Just forward this email.

And the next time you’re in Chicago on north Broadway, between Balmoral and Berwyn, stop in at Yanni’s Dogs. Grab a gyro, a chicken sandwich, a salad or a hot dog. And tell John that Rollins Palumbo sent you.