Waaaayyy back in 2009, we designed a (beautiful and effective) logo, business card, brochure and bio card for Dr. Gregory Primus, who was founding Chicago Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery in Tinley Park. Logo design is always an interesting journey and Dr. Primus was so smart about it, we actually wrote an article about that experience (click here if you’d like a copy).
Over the years, the practice has grown, added other physicians and specialists, physical therapy capabilities and more. It was time to update the mission materials, carefully protecting the established brand. We did not touch that logo and the design of all business cards remained the same.
We designed and wrote a new brochure; more “graphic”, contemporary, with bigger photographs and a little more flavor of the former Chicago Bear‘s favorite sport.
Because the clinic now conducts Saturday hours for orthopedic emergencies, we also designed and wrote an Urgent Care rack card, a piece that is chock-ful of information but very easy to distribute and, for parents, easy to hold onto.
The Chicago Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery continues to grow, now adding a chiropractic to the staff. Just as Dr. Primus is always there for torn ACLs and damaged rotator cuffs, we’ll continue to be there for him!
If you’d like to see the original materials we designed for Dr. Primus, click here.