The clients of Chef Tom Grotovsky think he is Unforgettable. He arrives in your home with menu planned and food, utensils and equipment all in hand. He prepares the food, creates a tablescape for you and your guests, simmers, sears and sautes. The gastronomic delight is elegantly served and paired with wine. You enjoy a leisurely gourmet meal in the comfort of your home, free to enjoy the wine, with no one waiting for you to leave so they can turn out the lights. And when you are finally finished? Your kitchen is in apple-pie order, as if the culinary experience appeared by magic.
Unforgettable, indeed.
Chef Tom also teaches cooking classes (he gave me a remarkable little tip about getting bits of eggshell out of batter that dramatically improved my chocolate chip cookies) and is happy to cook at charitable events.
Yes, Chef Tom is Unforgettable. But he needed an unforgettable corporate identity, from logo to business card, from website to coupons. Using black ink only to be cost-efficient and make printing a breeze, we designed a logo that is at once cerebral, elegant and “foodie”. The graphic conveys all those delicious bites, firmly entrenched in memory, and the calligraphic typeface is unexpected and refined.
We then created all the materials he needed to strengthen and build his brand. We even created a template that Chef Tom can use when he prints his custom menus for those dinner parties. Click here to see the website – and make sure you turn your sound up.
Then we had a real brainwave! As The Unforgettable Chef is a luxury item and our target is higher-income folks with a real appreciation for good food, we arranged with WBBM for The Unforgettable Chef Cooking Classes to be prizes for the daily Smart Quiz. The Unforgettable Chef was mentioned to thousands and thousands of listeners four times each morning for three days – with no funds spent on radio time!