Getting Enthusiasm Down On Paper

Reenu Varghase, NP-C is a bundle of intelligence, energy, smiles and professionalism. Speaking with her just brightens your day and makes you want to smile yourself – and be a part of her passion. Reenu is the founder of Zmedi’s House Calls, about which her enthusiasm in boundless; an outstanding medical professional who really and truly makes good old-fashioned house calls. Reenu, with Dr. Zaman, was getting House Calls off the ground and called us in to help. 
Because the bulk of her patients come from referrals and word of mouth, she needed a professional business card and brochure, something that would accurately depict her energy, explain the practice and still tie strongly into the existing Zmedi brand. Inspired by Reenu’s passion, we designed a simple but eye-catching logo in Zmedi colors and put that on a business card with all Reenu’s contact information. 
The brochure again reflects the Zmedi brand, featuring Reenu as the health care professional your patient will see. Energy, in the bright colors and “bouncing” boxes, jumps off the page. The brochure is meant for both referral and patient audiences, so it speaks broadly, to explain exactly what House Calls can offer homebound patients. We included cheerful photos and the copy is also bright and friendly, conveying Reenu’s enthusiasm for this offering to the reader.
And when Reenu received the materials? “No words except ‘Gorgeous'”. Well, Reenu, we think your unbridled passion for House Calls is pretty gorgeous too!