Show Us WHY!

I keep receiving emails from a man running for State Senator about “name recognition” and how that will help him win this election. It is accompanied by a link to his website where “eliminating wasteful spending” is one of his very few action points.
You think this is marketing? This gentleman is missing every point entirely and his strategy, quite frankly, stinks.
Am I really his market? Nope, I’m just someone in his email database. He knows nothing about my political leanings and is assuming that just because I recognize his name, I’ll vote for him. In today’s political climate especially, that just won’t happen.
What is his benefit to me? Wasteful spending? No one, conservative or liberal, wants to waste money. But are you targeting wasteful spending on war or education? On public safety or public health? Another point is “improve education.” Again, who wants it to worsen? But what is your plan? Are you selling larger class sizes or more teachers? New technology or old-fashioned reading, riting and rithmetic?
As the audience, I have no reason to vote for this candidate. His method of marketing is like a company renting a billboard and just putting “Buy This” under its logo. It’s insulting to assume I’m that gullible, that sheep-like, to just vote for someone because I know their name.
Tell me what you stand for, tell me how you plan on fixing things, tell me how you’ll improve my life, SELL ME YOUR BRAND and not just your name. I’m just not that stupid!
While readers know how much I hate political marketing and advertising (“gol darn it, there oughta be a law…”), I absolutely loathe it when it’s done so very poorly.