We Know Where You Live

My sister-in-law is a perfect target for many companies. She’s educated, in an executive position and loves to engage in commerce (um, buy things). She is mother to a 6-year-old and is a responsible parent, making good choices for and teaching good choices to Daniel.
Julie is not on Facebook, she does not read the paper and the only live television she watches is football. She only listens to country music radio, surprisingly out of stereotype. When she shops online, she never clicks the paid advertising as she doesn’t believe it’s what she really wants. She trusts the organic results.
Because Julie is “typical” – there are many, many, MANY people not on Facebook, fewer and fewer every day get a newspaper delivered, and DVR is becoming the only way to watch regular television – we recently had a detailed conversation about how she can be reached.
The way to get in front of Julie and those like her? Get right into her home, right in her face, with an offer she can’t refuse. Julie said it. “The best way to reach me is to send me something in the mail.”
If you use every fraction of demographic available to you – Julie subscribes to health and fitness magazines, she has a 6-year-old boy, she makes a certain level of income, she is 44 years old, she lives in the northwest suburbs, she drives an SUV, she buys many many many pairs of shoes, she is married, she lives in a single-family house, she is college-educated, she works out of her house (and this is just the tip of the iceberg) – you can find Julie and others like her, craft a message just to her and get her to respond to your advertising.
Many, many people who want to buy your product are “disconnected” in terms of online, print and broadcast advertising. But they always get the mail.